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News and updates on new feature for year 2009

clock January 20, 2009 16:22 by author Admin

We are very happy to introduce you to our new feature for year 2009.

Quick Links
Now you can easily add a new transaction, a new account and even transfer funds between accounts with ONE click.
Please find the quick links section at your dashboard as per screenshot below:

We appreciate any feedback to improve to turn it into the easiest and fun way to manage your finance.


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Details view of transaction report completed

clock November 8, 2008 22:37 by author Admin

As promised, the monthly details view of transaction report is ready to use. This report will enable you to view transaction details of each category.

To view it, just click at Reports -> Monthly Income and Expenses
Click an amount to view the transaction details report (refer to screenshot below)


Details view of transaction report for Yearly report is not available due to low performance.

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Latest updates on Money2Manage

clock October 9, 2008 09:42 by author Admin

It has been a while, I am not updating this Money2Manage blog. I have posted a new post there. Below are the snapshots.

Latest updates on Money2Manage as of today

If you noticed the following items was implemented in Money2Manage:

  • Top drop down menu changed to on Click instead of on MouseOver - meaning you have to click the top drop down menu to view the available sub menu instead of hovering it. This is because we noticed that viewing the sub menu by hovering it is a bit annoying.
  • We added a new Memo column in the transaction list for details view.
More features will be coming up soon. One of feature are a details view of transaction report in Monthly and Yearly report, it is at least a very important feature for me since I need it to do future monthly transaction/spending analysis. Currently I doing it manually which is a bit time consuming. Stay tune for more updates. 

Money2Manage reviewed by

While searching for "money2manage" keyword via, we found that Money2Manage received a good review by

See the full review

Fyi, Lockergnome is a blogging network for people who are curious about the world around them. It's received huge visitors daily.

We also received a good review from other websites and blogs, we will put it here from time to time.

Last but not least, I hope you will find this web application useful. Its really help me a lot in tracking my spending.

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What’s happening during past 30 days?

clock June 8, 2008 09:36 by author Admin

Is has been an exiting days for us for the past 30 days. During the past 30 days, our users grow to more than 500 users. We have been receiving a lot of great feedback as well some new features requests.

For those who haven’t notice, from the day one, we publicly released Money2Manage, the following milestone has been archived:

  • Mobile version of Money2Manage – you can now able to access the program via your mobile phones. You can check your current balance as well as adding new transaction.
  • Expenses Tracker migration wizard – migrate from your current Expenses Tracker account. This migration wizard will migrate all your accounts, transaction, categories and payees to
  • Last but no least: A tons of enhancement and bugs fixed as per below:


  • Amount textbox is annoying [fixed]
  • Put secure modules in more secured mode [fixed]
  • When select -new payee-, no progress wheel shown [fixed]
  • Do not allow user to enter ":" [done]
  • Recalculate CategoryName char limit  [done]
  • User Actual PayeeName and CategoryName instead of PayeeId and CategoryId [done]
  • Setup: wrong validation for lesser end day [done]
  • Finance summary wrong selected year [fixed]
  • Improve database performance by using GetCount() [done]
  • Implement Ajax update progress wheel [done]


  • Modified Transfer fund does not effect edited info like date. [fixed]
  • Report not properly show for Deposit and Withdraw item [fixed]
  • Wrong total amount calculation for Main item in Yearly and Monthly report [fixed yearly and monthly]
  • When a month selected in a report, wrong end date calculated (ex. Dec 2006) [fixed]
  • When user selected a category, progress keep appearing [fixed]
  • When a category/payee deleted, previous category/payee in a transaction should be identified as new [fixed]
  • When new category added with new subId, the new subId is not being created [done]

Soo whats coming up next? Stay tune for my next post.

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Our blog is ready!!!

clock May 8, 2008 09:34 by author Admin

Finally, I managed to setup this blog using BlogEngine.NET

BlogEngine.NET is an open source blog engine under .NET. I will use this blog to post new updates regarding Money2Manage software.

Please stay tunes for more updates here.

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