It has been a while, I am not updating this Money2Manage blog. I have posted a new post there. Below are the snapshots.

Latest updates on Money2Manage as of today

If you noticed the following items was implemented in Money2Manage:

  • Top drop down menu changed to on Click instead of on MouseOver - meaning you have to click the top drop down menu to view the available sub menu instead of hovering it. This is because we noticed that viewing the sub menu by hovering it is a bit annoying.
  • We added a new Memo column in the transaction list for details view.
More features will be coming up soon. One of feature are a details view of transaction report in Monthly and Yearly report, it is at least a very important feature for me since I need it to do future monthly transaction/spending analysis. Currently I doing it manually which is a bit time consuming. Stay tune for more updates. 

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Last but not least, I hope you will find this web application useful. Its really help me a lot in tracking my spending.