Is has been an exiting days for us for the past 30 days. During the past 30 days, our users grow to more than 500 users. We have been receiving a lot of great feedback as well some new features requests.

For those who haven’t notice, from the day one, we publicly released Money2Manage, the following milestone has been archived:

  • Mobile version of Money2Manage – you can now able to access the program via your mobile phones. You can check your current balance as well as adding new transaction.
  • Expenses Tracker migration wizard – migrate from your current Expenses Tracker account. This migration wizard will migrate all your accounts, transaction, categories and payees to
  • Last but no least: A tons of enhancement and bugs fixed as per below:


  • Amount textbox is annoying [fixed]
  • Put secure modules in more secured mode [fixed]
  • When select -new payee-, no progress wheel shown [fixed]
  • Do not allow user to enter ":" [done]
  • Recalculate CategoryName char limit  [done]
  • User Actual PayeeName and CategoryName instead of PayeeId and CategoryId [done]
  • Setup: wrong validation for lesser end day [done]
  • Finance summary wrong selected year [fixed]
  • Improve database performance by using GetCount() [done]
  • Implement Ajax update progress wheel [done]


  • Modified Transfer fund does not effect edited info like date. [fixed]
  • Report not properly show for Deposit and Withdraw item [fixed]
  • Wrong total amount calculation for Main item in Yearly and Monthly report [fixed yearly and monthly]
  • When a month selected in a report, wrong end date calculated (ex. Dec 2006) [fixed]
  • When user selected a category, progress keep appearing [fixed]
  • When a category/payee deleted, previous category/payee in a transaction should be identified as new [fixed]
  • When new category added with new subId, the new subId is not being created [done]

Soo whats coming up next? Stay tune for my next post.